Coming from the Nordic countries, the practice of the cheap sauna is a social and family tradition very popular among Finns. This tradition is spreading more and more and different types of best infrared sauna have been created to meet different expectations.

1. The traditional Finnish sauna

The traditional Finnish sauna is a cabin completely made of wood, the door can be made of thick glass. It is equipped with a wood or gas stove to heat the cabin. The temperature varies from 70 °C to 100 °C with a humidity level between 15 and 25%. The heart rate is accelerated and the blood pressure increases. The vessels are dilated and the pores of the skin open to purify the body.

2. The electric sauna

This type of sauna works with an electric heater on which volcanic stones are placed. It has the advantage of a quick temperature rise. The temperature is then easy to stabilize. Aesthetic, easy to use, and modern, it reproduces the effects of a traditional sauna, with the disadvantage of consuming a lot of energy.

3. The bio-sauna

The bio-sauna is a gentler alternative to the traditional sauna. It balances temperature and humidity. The temperature level is between 50 and 60°C and the humidity level between 20 and 60%. For this purpose, an evaporator has been added to the stove to constantly distribute steam in the cabin. The bio-portable steam sauna is recommended for people who find it difficult to breathe in a traditional sauna. The benefits for the body remain the same.

The concept is recent and comes from Japan. The stove is replaced by infrared heating elements. This would cause sweating three to six times more than a traditional sauna. While the traditional sauna heats the air, here 80% of the radiation penetrates deep into the skin tissue. The room temperature is around 50°C. The heat is, therefore, more bearable in an portable infrared sauna and the heart is less stressed.

5. The combination sauna

This is a good compromise if you want a sauna in your house but lack space. The combined sauna offers a sauna, steam room, and shower at the same time. You can choose to enjoy the benefits of the dry heat of the one person sauna or the wet heat of the hammam. The shower can be used to refresh you after a sauna or hammam session, or for your daily needs.

6. The outdoor sauna

This cheap sauna looks like a garden shed. It gives a Nordic tone to your outside. In Finland, this type of sauna is installed, if possible, near a water point (lake, river, swimming pool). It is available in different forms: with a pitched roof, a flat, cube-shaped roof, and even a barrel-shaped outdoor infrared sauna. You can use a wood, gas, electric, or infrared heating system.

7. The nano-sauna (infrared sauna reviews)

It is a steam machine that can only be used for face, neck, and décolleté treatments. The benefits of the traditional sauna apply to these parts of the body in the same way: the pores open to purify the skin and moisturize it. It becomes softer and more supple. The nano-sauna is a good tool to fight against acne or eczema.

8. The mobile sauna (outdoor infrared sauna)

The sauna is so important in the life of the Finns that they have dedicated a festival in the city of Teuva to it. At this gathering, the participants present their prototype mobile best portable infrared sauna. This ranges from the converted phone booth to the semi-trailer. The festival-goers come in bathing suits to test them. The first edition of the event was held in 2006 with eighteen saunas presented. Today, more than fifty are offered each year.

9. The folding sauna (or portable sauna)

It can contain only one person at a time. Unfolded, it looks like a large PVC bag with the head and hands protruding. Folded up, it takes up no more space than a suitcase. Light and practical, it can be taken everywhere. It needs to be connected to a power outlet and works with infrared energy.

10. The Russian sauna (or banya)

Unlike the Finnish sauna with its dry heat, the Russian sauna, also called banya, is a hot steam bath. But the ritual is similar to alternating hot/cold. As with a sauna, the user immerses himself in the heat while activating the sweating, then he soaks himself in cold water. The process is repeated two or three times. Traditionally, whipping with dried branches is used to clean and soften the skin, activate sweating and blood circulation.