During pregnancy, a woman gains extra pounds on the abdomen, chest, hips. After giving birth, many do not understand how to lose weight. During this time, the load on the body decreases, the woman begins to walk less, but, on the contrary, sit, lie down, because it is very difficult to carry a child. He eats for two. All of this leads to excess weight.

First, it is worth considering that not during pregnancy, or after childbirth, or during feeding, you can eat a lot of fried, fatty foods, as many believe. It will not make your milk healthier or more nutritious in any way

Second, the excess weight accumulated throughout the pregnancy cannot be eliminated quickly. How to do it, and for what reasons you became overweight after childbirth, we will find out more.

The standard for weight gain during pregnancy is from nine to fifteen kilos. This is the average weight. But every woman is different. It all depends on the characteristics of the organism.


Over time, after childbirth, you may notice that excess weight does not go anywhere. Let’s look at the reasons why you can not lose weight.

Excessive consumption of fatty, fried, high-calorie foods. Especially if you have it for yourself and for the child.

A small amount of physical activity. We all during pregnancy are lazy to walk, swim, play sports.

Stress When you are in a position, it is a big stress for the body, therefore the body itself accumulates fat in the abdomen and thighs.

The body tries to store more fat so that if the mother is hungry, the child will not be hurt.

A large amount of fluid accumulated in the body.

Hormonal imbalance.

Symptoms of imbalance:

overweight without losing weight;

reduced milk production;


mood swings;

dizziness and pain in the head area;

hair loss.

In this case, it is necessary to contact an endocrinologist, even if you see, in addition to excess weight, another sign.


After the baby is born, your weight gain will be halved. That is, 6 kilos can lose on their own. But you will need to remove the remaining weight.

Within a month and a half, the accumulated fluids in the body will be expelled. Therefore, it is important that you drink more green tea and hot water.

Consider the most effective way to lose weight. One of these is breastfeeding. It is very easy for a breastfeeding mother to lose weight after giving birth. Long-term breastfeeding can get you rid of excess fat. No diet, no sport, no one can gain great extra pounds. Lactation is not a burden! This will really help in the fight for a healthy weight. And you do not have to stop breastfeeding early – it can cause problems with the endocrine system. And this will lead to weight gain.

Life moves. Do not sit still, try to move more. Thus, the weight that annoys you will gradually disappear after childbirth. From the fact that you are lying or sitting, you can not lose weight, but, on the contrary, can accumulate excess pounds. One of the methods of losing weight is long walks in the fresh air. A large amount of unnecessary fat is burned during a walk.

Walking according to doctors’ recommendations takes two or three hours. But such a long walk should be done gradually, that is, start at thirty minutes, and then increase the time. Walking is beneficial for you as well as your child.

Sport is important. You do not have to run to the gym after giving birth. But only physical activity is required. In addition, exercise improves mood and helps fight depression. When you exercise, endorphins are formed, where you get a good mood and feel new strength. Start small – jog in the morning, exercise.