Does dry steam make you lose weight?

Sorry to disappoint you, but sitting in a sauna is not going to make you lose weight (don’t cry!). As logical as it may seem, the only ways to lose weight are to reduce your food intake below your daily needs or to increase your spending by getting into sports.

Of course, you will “lose weight” for the duration of the sauna session because your body will be lightened by the weight of the water lost. But once you have recovered all this water by drinking, you will regain all the weight “lost”. Indeed, heat does not melt fat… Don’t try to maintain this weight loss by refusing to drink, you risk dehydration and risk your health.

Combining sauna and sports activities

As we said before, there are no 36 solutions to lose weight (and the sauna itself is not one of them). Reducing daily caloric intake or increasing expenses related to sports activity are the only ways to lose weight.

If you are determined to slim down your figure, why not combine sports activity and sauna? After a good sports session, go to the sauna to relax. Indeed, heat multiplies the benefits after a sports activity: it helps to reduce muscular pains that occur during training, it helps muscles to recover better for the next sessions and it promotes the elimination of toxins.

How does a sauna session take place?

A session in a sauna takes place in several stages: you enter the heated room (at least 80 degrees) for a maximum of fifteen minutes, then you leave the room to plunge into an invigorating cold bath!

This hot-cold alternation allows you to take full advantage of the sauna’s relaxing virtues. Then perform this same ritual twice more. Note that the sauna is practiced naked, possibly with a towel on the head, no one wears a bathing suit because it would prevent the evaporation of sweat.

The practice of the sauna is excellent for your health. Even if it does not make you lose weight by itself, the sauna is ideal to accompany weight loss.

Best Infrared Sauna Remove Dehydration

Exposure to the heat of the sauna makes you sweat and therefore lose a lot of water, which can lead to dehydration. Follow these guidelines to help you recognize the warning signs of dehydration and what you can do to avoid it.

How does dehydration occur?

In a sauna, the temperature is particularly high. In reaction to this high heat, the body produces a large amount of perspiration to cool itself, and therefore loses water.

When the body loses water, especially through perspiration induced by the heat of the sauna, and this water is not replaced, you can fall victim to the effects of dehydration.

Water is the main component of our body since it represents about 60% of our weight. Water is essential to our body since it hydrates the skin and the cells of our body, allows it to regulate its temperature, participates in the elimination of waste, and helps the kidneys to function.

Also note that when you sweat, you not only lose water, but also lose mineral salts such as sodium and potassium.

Adverse effects of dehydration during sauna use

When you are dehydrated, it means that you have lost too much water, and this can manifest itself in several signs:

You begin by feeling thirsty;

You have dry skin and dry mouth;

You may experience headaches and even dizziness;

You may feel tired and weak;

Your urine is less frequent, less abundant, and darker in color and odor;

If you are in an advanced stage of dehydration, you may experience a lack of urine, the beginnings of a urinary tract infection (burning when urinating, bladder pain), and a drop in blood pressure;

If you don’t rehydrate quickly enough, your kidneys may no longer function properly, you may lose consciousness and fall into a coma.

Always pay close attention to these signs of dehydration, and if they occur, you should get out of the sauna and drink plenty of water.