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If you like to go to the Best Infrared Sauna and deal with the subject, you may have come across the term infrared cabin. This is more compact than a sauna and is used for relaxation. The pleasant heat can relieve various physical ailments.

While not everyone at home has the opportunity to build an outdoor infrared sauna, a sauna house or a sauna in the basement, for an infrared cabin already finds space in a fairly small room. Infrared cabin comparison 2022 shows that there are not very many brands and manufacturers that offer infrared cabins for home. This makes it all the more important that you look carefully to find the best infrared cabin for you. This buying guide is designed to help you do that.

1. The effect of portable infrared sauna is manifold

Small terminology

The term infrared comes from Latin. In Latin “infra” means something like “below”. The reasoning is simple: infrared radiation moves below the spectrum of light that we can see. The radiation only transports heat.

First of all, it should be said that an infrared cabin is smaller compared to an infrared sauna. Often, an infrared cabin can accommodate only one or two people. However, we use the two terms equally in this article.

Infrared cabins are usually small wooden cabins with infrared radiators inside. Roughly, we can distinguish two different ways of using an infrared cabin:

1.1. Stimulation application, as in a Finnish sauna.

Similar to a sauna, temperatures of 50 to 90 degrees are reached here. It is mainly about stimulating internal organs according to the Kneipp principle.

For people with circulatory problems, this variant is not well suited, as one or the other infrared sauna test shows.

1.2. Heat application in the low temperature one person sauna

This much more common application aims to warm up the body. The infrared rays do not warm the air, but only the body.

Not only the skin gets warm, but also the upper blood layers, which mix with the rest of the blood. There is a continuous increase in body temperature. Circulation, blood flow and metabolism are stimulated. This is referred to as deep heat.

The low-temperature cabin in particular is said to have numerous positive effects:

Notice Title

Stimulation of circulation and blood flow
Purification and detoxification
Stimulation of the metabolism – Support for weight reduction
Relaxation and loosening of the muscles
Help with joint pain, such as rheumatism or arthritis
Improvement of the skin, for example in case of acne
In order to do something for your health even during the corona pandemic, you can recharge your batteries in an infrared cabin and achieve specific positive effects.

2. these types of cheap sauna can be distinguished

If you read an infrared sauna test on the Internet, you will often find a division of infrared cabins into different categories. This makes perfect sense, because the decision for a type should be the first one you make.

Therefore, you should consider the following types in your own infrared sauna test:

3. find the right best infrared sauna for you

3.1. ceramic heaters and panel heaters heat you differently

thermal cabin with child

Since the infrared cabin with C radiation does not get so hot, it is also suitable for children.

Another important point in almost every infrared sauna test is the radiator. You have the choice between infrared from the surface radiator, also called carbon radiator or from the ceramic radiator.

In a cabin with a carbon radiator, you are irradiated with infrared C-rays. These rays penetrate only the upper layer of the skin and do not develop a lot of heat. Such a cabin is gentle, you do not sweat so much and you can lean anywhere without the risk of burns.

Such a cabin is also good for children. However, to heat up you need to allow 30-40 minutes.

In an infrared cabin with ceramic radiators there are B and C rays, which are very good against joint and muscle problems. The heating time is only about 20 minutes. However, you should sink the emitters because they can get quite warm. In an infrared cabin from Physiotherm, you will find bars for safety.

Which variant is the best for you depends entirely on your needs. To help you decide, here are the advantages and disadvantages of infrared cabins with ceramic radiators.

3.3 Fast heating up in best outdoor infrared sauna thanks to higher performance

Also you should not neglect in your personal infrared heat cabin test the power of the infrared emitters. The higher it is, the faster infrared cabins can heat up, which reduces operating costs.

Usually, the power of the cabins is between 1,000 and 2,400 watts. The Home Deluxe Redsun XXL is just one example of a cabin with 2,400 watts. It warms up in 20 minutes.

Plus points in an infrared cabin test are usually given, however, if the heat of the cabin is adjustable from the inside. It should be possible to set temperatures between 20 and 65 degrees.

3.4 Wood is the preferred material

As with a Finnish sauna, infrared cabins are usually made of wood. This has to do with the good qualities of this natural material: Wood is breathable, but it cannot mold easily.

The last point is important, otherwise mold can easily develop in an infrared cabin due to condensation during cooling. Popular is both the wood of hemlock and cedar.

3.5 Various extras enhance the infrared cabin

In many infrared cabins, colored light can be activated for different effects.

To take advantage of the full relaxation effect of the cabin, you should attach importance to certain extras. For example, an integrated radio provides entertainment. A CD or MP3 player allows you to listen to your own music in the cabin and, for example, insert a CD with relaxation music.

Many cabins also offer the option of activating colored light, which is used for light therapy. Different colors have different effects:

Blue light stimulates wound healing, relieves pain and is good for stress, heart problems and inflammation.
Red light is warming and stimulating and good for muscle weakness or concentration problems.
Green light is calming and relaxing and can relieve restlessness and anxiety.
Orange light is stimulating. More adrenaline is released and appetite increases.
Yellow light has an anti-inflammatory and digestive effect. It is used for arthritis and rheumatism or depression.
An added extra is a built-in ionizer, which purifies the air in the cabin and improves the indoor climate.
Tip: You can also put a few drops of an essential oil on the ionizer filter and thus additionally integrate aromatherapy.

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