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Crew & Axel Steam Sauna Personal Home Spa – Portable Sauna for The Home with Rapid Heat Heat, Timed Remote, Chair, Foot Massager – Helps with Detox & Relaxation (Black)


  • New & Improved Design
  • Multiple Health Benefits
  • Remarkable Set Up & Take Down
  • High-Tech Construction
  • Portable & Foldable Home Spa

• New & Improved Design: At Crew & Axel, we are constantly looking for ways to make our exceptional products even better—and the portable steam sauna is no exception. Our new and improved chair design can now hold up to 300lbs.Our all-natural, massaging wooden foot roller provides immediate relief to aching feet and arches, and intensifies the whole-body healing experience that comes with using the sauna. Regular use can provide relief and detoxification

• Multiple Health Benefits: Research supports the idea that regular sauna use can contribute to relaxation and detox. Saunas have long been used to provide relief and relaxation for painful or stiff muscles. As the body temperature rises, blood circulation begins to increase and sweat glands are stimulated, releasing built-up toxins in the body. As sweat is expelled, impurities and dead skin cells are carried off with it, improving the tone and elasticity of your skin with regular use.

• Remarkable Set Up & Take Down: Our sauna couldn’t be easier to use. The unit can be set up and taken down within minutes and is perfectly portable, allowing you to share the sauna experience with friends or take it with you on vacation or business trips.

• High-Tech Construction : 9 level programs allow you to enjoy a customized session at your preferred heating level. Choose the level right for you (maximum temperature is 140°) then sit back and indulge in up to 60 minutes of soothing sauna experience. Our proprietary steamer blows the competition away and begins heating instantly. Simply select your preferred heat level on the remote, and you’ll find full steam is produced within minutes.

• Portable & Foldable Home Spa: Once constructed, the sauna measures a generous 33” wide X 28” long X 38” tall. The unit itself weighs a mere 15lbs, making it easily transportable. We are proud to offer a one-year warranty on our sauna

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