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We all know that the cheap sauna has gained huge popularity among the people. A large number of people are wandering to spend their money and time on it. But research shows that people waste their money to have a comfortable life and for this, they have spent their money on losing weight. Today I will talk about the JNH Lifestyle Joyous 1 Person Far Infrared sauna which is one of the best portable infrared sauna. You might know that the infrared sauna was first invented in 1960. Very few people especially rich people had portable infrared sauna because of infrared sauna prices. This famous far infrared sauna will fulfill the need of its users. It’s built with 6 carbon fiber heaters to give you the complete pleasure


We are offering another outstanding JNH Lifestyles Joyous 1 person far infrared sauna. This classy sauna has 6 carbon fiber heaters to make your day full of relaxation and flexibility. All our products are ETL Approved with the best performance you have had. It’s a double-layer Canadian hemlock timber so it's strong enough to give your desired service. We can just assure you by spending some sessions inside JNH Lifestyle infrared sauna you will be able to improve your skin health by removing the sign of aging.

  • Your purchase includes One JNH Lifestyles Joyous 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna, MG217HB model
  • Sauna dimensions – 47.3” W x 39.5″ D x 75″ H | Power cord length – 6 feet | EMF rating – 0.32 Mg average | Wattage – 1540 W | Electrical requirements – 110V-120V / 15 Amps | Indoor use only
  • 2 Premium speakers with Bluetooth capabilities and a remote with an on/off button and volume controls | Dual wall construction for better heat insulation
  • Crafted from 100% Canadian Hemlock wood; all wood is chemical-free (untreated & unstained) | Extremely easy assembly process

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Features JNH Lifestyle Joyous 1 Person Sauna

→ Today people who are conscious about their health are using a portable infrared sauna. Research shows that if you spend 20-40 minutes regularly inside the sauna you will be able to burn calories you have ever thought. You might have spent huge money on losing weight but portable infrared sauna will help you to lose your weight in a very quick time and effective ways. When you will use the portable infrared sauna your whole body will start sweating. Because of this sweating, you will start burning your calories and fat. The specialist has said that far infrared sauna is one of the best ways to burn or remove toxins from the body.

→ Once you use the portable infrared sauna you will feel the benefits. I know that the best-infrared sauna produces a cumulative effect on our mind and body. Even everyone knows that if you spend your time in one person sauna your body will get rid of detoxification. Even you will be able to lose your weight. You can start getting rid of toxins, immune system, etc.

→ Most often we are highly affected by the flues, bacteria and other bad diseases. One person sauna will protect our human body from all these diseases.

→ I have made research and asked the users. they have said that after using this best-infrared sauna they got relieved from chronic pain, back pain, body pain, etc. even if you have headaches, migraines, and sinuses you can get rid of all these too.

→ The size of this far infrared sauna is too adjustable. you can fix it anywhere you want. This is the reason this sauna is called one person sauna. There is a digital controlling system that will allow you to control the temperature and sound system with remote. it is one of the best features of this best-infrared sauna.

→ Added with the 6 carbon fiber heaters. One carbon fiber heater is located at back. Even you can find one at the calf, two at the sides and two at the leg sides. its to ensure the maximum heating areas.

Led Light is high added. Led light saves energy so you will get less electricity bill.

→ We have found 2 premium speakers inside it and there is an aux controlling system. Even you can now control the sound system while using the sauna.

→ You might know that the one person sauna is made with hemlock Canadian timber. It contains the best insulation system for sure.


  • → Eye-catching design, size, and shape
  • → Last for a long time or durable
  • → 5 years of warranty
  • → Safety door is added


  • → Only 1 person can use this at the same time

JNH Lifestyles Joyous 1 Person is one of the best-infrared sauna. It will be worth buying. I am sure you have read the features. Simply you can adjust this sauna anywhere you want.

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