Dressing for a sauna is not as complicated as dressing for a job interview. Be that as it may, it is still essential to have the right clothes – or no clothes for the occasion. When it comes to the question of what to wear in a sauna, there are a couple of answers – depending on where you find yourself.

what do you wear in a sauna


This I feel is the best choice of all. Going into the sauna with nothing more than confidence and a towel to protect you from the stares of other occupants (and of course the hot surfaces of the sauna) makes you most comfortable and you can choose to sit or lie down as you relax and let go all that tension. Also make sure to remove all jewelleries from your body so as to avoid getting burned.


For those who do not want to use their birthday suit, a swimsuit made of natural fibres is ideal. It should be loose-fitting so as not to delay the sweating process. Women can choose to go with a bikini. Whatever you choose to wear, remember that place will be hot so you do not want to go in with materials or fibres that will be affected by the heat. What you are going for is to be as comfortable as possible


What should you wear in a sauna? In some co-ed saunas, you are required to dress up seeing as men and women share the sauna space. In thee cases, even a bikini might be too skimpy. You can get a very loose t-shirt and shorts as you go into the sauna. And lest I forget, leave the underwear behind (you will not be needing them in the sauna).


One may be thinking that it is okay to walk bare feet into a sauna. Do not make this mistake as it could be a breeding ground for bacteria. Go in with rubber flip flops or sandals.


  • what do you wear in a saunaShoes of any kind are a big no no. Shoes hold heat and they are dirty for that environment.
  • There are these ‘sauna suits’ people talk about and again they have no place inside of a sauna. The reason here being that they are made of plastic fibre and plastic does not do so well with heat
  • Sweat suits are too tight and they will delay the sweating process. This is counterproductive to the whole idea of a sauna session.


When doing laundry on your sauna wears, use vinegar and not heavy and harsh detergents. Why do we say that? Because if you use detergents which have a strong smell, the next time you get into the sauna with those clothes, even you will not be able to stay in there. As your pores open up, so does the fabric and any trapped chemical smells will give you away.


What do you wear in a sauna? Be it a carbon infrared sauna, or any other kind, do well to read through the rulebook and etiquette guide so as to be on the safe side.

A sauna which is shared by both sexes would be strict on dressing as opposed to saunas which are reserved for specific genders so be careful and ask questions.