When it comes to staying in a sauna, you have to be safety conscious. Saunas have been in existence for over hundred years but an incident in the 2010 sauna championship in Finland, infrared sauna dangers came to light. In the contest, a finalist died after being in a sauna for 6 minutes under blistering heat. How much is too much when it has to do with heat?

In this article, we are going to talk about sauna safety and give an overall awareness of what to expect when in there. So here we go.


sauna safety

#1 Don’t stay in too long – As a general rule, at temperatures of 70 to 100 degrees Celsius, you should not stay in a sauna longer than 20 minutes at a time. So find that they can comfortable stay in for as long as 30 minutes but that is acceptable only when you have built up tolerance. As a beginner, 10 minute sessions are fine.

#2 Relax – When you are relaxed, it is easier to pay attention to your body and take note of the changes.

#3 Rest – After a few minutes inside, go out and cool off for about 10 minutes, you may also want to do a quick shower before returning.

#4 Hydrate yourself – You do not want to get dehydrated while in a sauna. You need a lot of water before you go in, also drink water while you are resting before you return.

#5 Go in with a friend if you are new to the experience. This does two things for you. One of them is that it boosts your confidence and you do not get tensed in there, second is that should something go wrong for any reason, someone is there to have your back.

sauna safety#6 Watch your heart – if you have any sort of heart problem, then avoid the sauna. Saunas cause your heart to work faster so if there is an issue with you heart, you stand the risk of aggravating it.

#7 No alcohol – This is among infrared sauna risks. Do not take in alcohol prior to entering the sauna. Alcohol and heat are not a healthy blend. Also the sauna is no cure for a hangover so avoid it.

#8 Take off all metals from your body before going into the sauna. In that kind of heat, you could get burned and that does not do any body any good.

#9 If you start to feel dizzy, or have a headache, leave the sauna immediately. Listen to the way your body feels and even if your heart rate is getting up higher than is comfortable, leave and cool off.

#10 Wear comfortable and loose clothes. Tight attires delay the sweating process especially in a carbon infrared sauna (since you are heated from the inside out) and that is counterproductive to the process. Also, materials that do not do well with heat, such as rubber should be avoided. See complete guide for What Do You Wear In A Sauna


If you must do something, you might as well be safe doing it. Sauna dangers are real and a number of times, people get carried away by the benefits of a thing and forget to look at precautions. Heat is dangerous if not handled properly and things like dehydration – as simple as it may be – can lead to death.

With these tips, we will be safer the next time we decide to go into a sauna and sweat off those toxins. Saunas are great and being safe while using them gives us the best results.

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