Saunas have been used for over a hundred years for a series of health purposes and they are increasingly popular in wellness centres all around the word. Whether you are a looking to lose some extra pounds, refresh your body, or just plain old relaxation, a sauna could do you some good.

Saunas are small heated rooms which enable a person to sweat. By so doing, pores are open and toxins leave the body. This leads to a refreshing and all-round harmonious feeling.

Saunas come in different forms and the amount of heat generated in each one is dependant on the kind of technology used. For instance we have the traditional type saunas which use heated stoned to radiate heat all around the room, then there are electrically heated saunas which have electrical heaters on the floors and so on. The question when it comes to which one is best solely depends on preference.

How long should you stay in a sauna?

How long should you stay in a saunaThis question has been on a lot of people’s minds and the answer is not as straight forward as we may like it to be.

Since saunas can get up to 100oC, it can be stressful for the body and the amount of time you spend in there needs to be put into consideration.Even the best home sauna, no matter how comfortable, needs to be used with precaution. The following are a number of tips you want to keep in mind when going in for a sauna session with hopes of getting the best results.


When in a sauna, especially if you are new to the experience, i you want to relax as much as possible and stay in just a few minutes. You are free to walk out and cool off for a little before returning for another few minutes. Relaxation however is key to a most beneficial sauna experience.

Build tolerance for heat

When thinking how long to stay in sauna, you find that some people have better tolerance than others but be that as it may, you should pay attention to the way your body feels in a sauna. At first, you may want to step out after a few minutes but if you feel you can last longer, then stay but no longer than 15 minutes the first time. After 15 minutes tops, take a break and cool yourself. You may even want to take a cold shower before returning.

Maximum stay

There is no hard and fast rule about how long to sit in sauna but it is recommended to have a maximum stay of 30 minutes at once. Those who have built up more tolerance find that they can stay up to an hour but this is rare. Listen to the way your body feels at every step and do not let your heart rate go up to the point where it is difficult to catch your breath.


As healthy as a sauna can be, it takes away moisture from the skin if used repeatedly and as such, people with heart problems, or pregnant women should not be using the sauna. People suffering any other kinds of ailments should consult their doctors and know if the sauna is tight for them.

If one experiences dizziness or any kind of unusual discomfort during sauna usage, such a person should please step out and cool off before returning.

Saunas and alcohol do not blend and as such a sauna should not be used as a hangover cure


A session in a sauna can have profound benefits among them being a sense of relaxation and well-being. So to recap, how long should you stay in a sauna? whichever sauna it is you use, be it a portable steam sauna, carbon infrared sauna, or any other, one should spend no more than 15 minutes if it is their first time of being in one. You can leave, take a shower, and return afterwards. As endurance is built, then the amount of time you spend can also increase to 20 or 30 minutes in each session. Whatever the case though, the maximum time spent in a single sauna session is not to exceed 1 hour.

So there we have it, if you have ever wondered how long you should stay in a sauna based on health concerns or any other, you have you answer right here. With these guidelines, you have no fear walking into a sauna and sweating it out in peace.

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