Saunas are great… When one thinks of the relaxing feel that comes with being in a sauna for 30 minutes, the desire to have your own may creep in. I had a friend who wished he had a sauna in his own house instead of having to go to the gym and use theirs all the time. Luckily for him, there is a way to do so and this article is all about that.

How To Build A Sauna

DIY sauna is a great way to build your own sauna and with some time and effort you would have yourself the best home sauna you could have ever dreamed of. If you have ever wanted to know how to build a sauna room, this guide is for you.


When thinking of how to make a sauna, It is important to note that getting started is the toughest step to building yourself a sauna. From afar, it looks like such and expensive and tedious task but once you push yourself and start, you find that a portable sauna in your house is rather a simple luxury.


This is a big and very important step. You need to consider it before you start building. Where is the sauna going to be? How many people do I want it to hold? Thinking about this would help you better choose a design for your sauna.

What is most important though is that you pick a flat spot to build it. If you do not have flat surfaces, then consider levelling the ground as much as possible.


To get the best home sauna, your foundation, as the name implies, is what your sauna will sit on so you want to make it solid. The best options are wood, concrete, and gravel. You pick whichever suits you best.

Concrete last long, it is resistant to rust and it is easily obtainable. The down side though is that it is hard to remove so if you are thinking that you may want to move the sauna in the future, or do something else with that spot, then you may want to re-reason concrete.

Wood is cheaper than concrete and it easy to move around. Use wood if you are ‘testing out’ things

Level 5 gravel is recommended if you want to go the gravel way but any gravel you get your hands on will work just fine. It requires little prep time and it is incredibly easy to level.


Get your equipment ready. You will need

  • Hammer (to fasten board together
  • Nails
  • Air compressor
  • Nail Gun
  • Screws and a motor drill (in case you don’t want to use nails but nails with a nail gun is a faster way to go)
  • Jig Saw
  • Table saw


This is going to prevent mold from attacking your wood in the long run. To install your insulation, use the following order.

  • Exterior of your choosing
  • Breathable vapour barrier
  • Plywood to act as inner sliding
  • 2X6 studs (no less than R-19 insulation recommended)
  • Interior cedar finish

The reason why these materials are arranged in this order is to allow moisture to pass through the walls without forming droplets. There are cheaper alternatives but they are no fun to work with so to get the best results, the order and materials listed above are recommended.


If you have a good source of wood, then this would be the cheapest way to go. Using wood requires building a chimney to let the smoke out and you need your county’s building code for regulations.

Electrical heaters are the ones which are most common in American hotels. They are clean and easy to maintain. The electric heater heats up stones and you have your heat.


You want to have lights in your sauna. If you have installed an electrical heating system then it would be easier to wire in the lighting but say you haven’t, then you will need to run some wires so that you can have some light in your sauna.


Saunas use water to create more team from the heated rocks so you can imagine you need a drainage system. This can be something as simple as a single pipe which leads water away from your sauna foundation. Water which you use to create steam can be hauled in buckets and there is no need for an expensive apparatus for that.


There we have it, the basics of building a home sauna which you will be proud of. As earlier stated, some time and effort will be required but the benefits and end results will be well worth your invested time and effort.

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