infrared portable saunaMy colleague, after spending about 3 months having regular sauna baths, was so impressed with the way he felt and he knew he wanted to get one. He was convinced that his friend had the best infrared sauna and he was determined to join the league of sauna owners. We go on the internet to order an infrared sauna and that is where the nightmare started. We saw all sorts and we ended up more confused than we were enlightened.

Buying an infrared sauna is no joke and when you consider the cost, you realize it is not something you want to buy and then regret. So to save you from the hassle my friend and I went through, I will be showing you the top 10 things to consider before buying a portable infrared sauna.

What Is Infrared Sauna

Far infrared saunas make use of the radiant heat technology and what that means is that heat is transmitted from the heating source directly to the human body. Far Infrared Light Waves channelled to the human body are emitted by Heater Panels mounted in the wall and floor of the infrared sauna. Our bodies can then absorb infrared energy since the infrared light waves and our bodies are vibrating on the same frequency.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Portable Infrared Sauna

infrared portable sauna#1 Heater Technology – Your heater is the core of your far infrared sauna and if you get a poorly designed heater, you will need to spend longer periods of time in the sauna, or pay more to power it as I would sap more energy than necessary. There are different types of heaters out there and they include Carbon, ceramic, or a combination of both.

Carbon heaters generally do not get hot enough so if you are going to heat and on a budget, ceramic heaters are definitely better but the issue with them is that they get too hot. For best results, get an infrared sauna which combines both.

#2 EMF (Electromagnetic frequency) – Get to know about EMF and how it affects us. When getting a portable infrared sauna, it must have EMF levels below 3 mG (EMF is rated in what is called milligauss or mG) as this is considered safe. Anything higher than that is risky.

#3 Wood – When it comes to the kind of wood you should use, cedar is highly recommended and it would give you the best portable sauna due to its anti-microbial and anti-fungal qualities. Your environment will be germ free for longer with cedar.

#4 Heater Placement – Where the heaters are placed within your unit is important. A high quality portable infrared sauna has heating lamps on the walls and on the floors. If you are on a budget and want to purchase an all carbon sauna, then ensure the heaters are directed towards you.

#5 Power Requirements – This is essential as some infrared saunas require more power than others. Many inexpensive saunas have cheap wiring and crappy EMF shielding and the bigger ones may require up to a 20-amp circuit breaker. Knowing the requirement helps you plan better.

#6 Assembly – Do find a model of infrared sauna that is fairly simple to assemble. You do not want to go through the frustration of having to wait weeks to get through the assembly process of your far infrared sauna unit.

#7 Manufacturer Timeline – Look and see how long the manufacturer has been in business. This lets you know their level of experience and how any satisfied clients they have had. What you are looking for is a company that has been in the business for at least 3 – 5 years.

#8 Walls – A lot of cheap saunas come with thin walls and this will do you more harm than good as a user. Go for thick walls not less than 6mm thick as this will ensure durability in the coming years.

#9 Safety Certifications – Always look for safety certification and studies conducted on your future sauna. A few of the things you want to look at for are:

  • Low EMF
  • No VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • FSC Wood Certification
  • Emissivity Certification
  • ETL Certification

What you would consider the best infrared sauna would have all of the above.

#10 Warranty – This is an important point. Get a unit form a company which will offer a fulltime warranty as this will suggest that they are reputable and have your best interest at heart. Be careful of companies that say their warranty is full time mean while it is only seven years. Confirm that all parts of your sauna are included in the warranty.


With this piece of knowledge shared, my friend was able to get himself something he was proud of and happy to recommend to others. The hunt for a far infrared sauna for your home can be a tedious task if you are not informed so do your best to be as informed as possible so as not to fall into the trap of regret.

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