These days it is increasingly common to see that our gyms have saunas and one may thing why they would need to use the sauna after working out. Well there are a lot of things we stand to gain by making use of the sauna. From the fact tat we get to relax to the fact that we expel toxins from our bodies through sweating.

Sauna after workout

Working out is a healthy habit and you get even more results when you combine this habit with healthy eating and regular sauna sessions.


When it comes to the benefits, we are going to list out about 10 of the top benefits of sauna after working out and by the end of this article, if you were not in the habit of using the sauna at your local gym, you would consider it.

#1 Detoxification – As stated earlier, the body mostly uses sweating to expel toxins from our bodies. We come in contact with at least 10 – 12 different chemicals everyday and they could be from the creams we use or the processed foods we ingest. By being in the sauna after a workout, combined with the increased heart rate from our exercise, we get to sweat out some of those toxins.

#2 Improving circulation–Blood flow to the entire bodily system and organs is increased when we are exposed to high temperatures. Increased blood flow on its own gives birth to a lot of other benefits such as increased brain activity, heart activity and more.

#3 Stronger immune system – In the high temperature of the sauna, white blood cells get on overdrive and fill up the blood stream. This leads to a more active and stronger Immune system.

Sauna after workout#4 Weight loss – Saunas promote weight loss when used regularly. This is because metabolism speeds up while in a sauna and it is possible to burn up to 500 calories in 30 minutes of being in a sauna.

#5 Stress Relieve – Saunas create a relaxing atmosphere and where there is relaxation, stress fades away by default.

#6 Better Sleep – Endorphins are released into the body when we work out and this creates an all round feeling of wellbeing. Using a sauna before or after workout makes sure these endorphins are flowing and this aids in better sleep.

#7 Quicker Recovery – Our body and muscles are stressed after a workout and the sauna – especially infrared saunas – can enable our muscles to recover at a quicker rate due to the rays penetrating the body.

Other benefits of using the sauna after a workout include

  • Skin Cleansing
  • Feeling Revitalized
  • Pain Relief


Now you know how important it is to use a sauna after a workout. Saunas are great for a lot of reasons and when combined with an exercise habit, we get to reap more benefits. So the next time you are using your local gym or go for a run, swing by the sauna afterwards and make it count.

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